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The diary of May Malen I Isley, chapter 3
My Dear Carrot, Otherwise, my former Carrot. You were born and your parents did not know how to call you. My bet was Elisa, then, Eleanor; afterwards, I kept quite as I understood it was up to your parents to name you. For me, you shall be always my Magical or Fairly Carrot, or my nameless granddaughter. I have been with you several times. We even watched the worldwide football match, very quietly not to wake you up.

I do remember how smiling you were, for a or for z, whatever gave you pleasure; you used to laugh, a very discrete and quiet smile. Especially if you were on the arms of your Dad or sucking milk from your Mum’s breast. Your look was so tender, so pleasant, a look I do not want to forget. Ana I have not forgotten. As a proof, I have four photos with me, both of us laying down on the thick carpet of your genitor’s room for visits. In a quiet mood, as you were nor very talkative. An smile of yours used to make my day.

You parents will tell you how I taught you to play with your tongue and make a noise at the same time. You were always a box of surprises that did, not less, to love you always. As your cousin Maia Rose, who has learned English, jus to talk to you. Her English is nice and clear, almost as your cousin Tomas.

I have had to surprises with you. First of all, to meet you, for the first time, in March, the 18th, of this year of 2010. Mum and I had things to do in our University Library and you entered to the sanctum sanctorum of knowledge, at your age of two months and fourteen days, as we went enter with you on March 19th.

The other surprise, was today in the morning. I usually phone you or at 8 a.m., when everyone rushes to go to work, especially Father Felix who begins very early to produce animated films, and as we go early to Town Centre, before the mob arrives t second the money in shops, money that they do not posses any more. I sing to you: los pollitos dicen, pío,pío, pio and you laugh a lot. Today you paid no attention to my talk: you were extremely entertained eating in a very serious way, your first advocado pair of your life. You did not pay attention to any ones, as your concentration was addressed at enjoying those little pieces of a fruit of a very estrange colour and taste to you: green and a little sour, same as Mum and Aunt Paula used to eat at a very early age. And, believe me, I could not less but to laugh at it: stern look, concentrated gaze at hands and mouth. You have, until today, only for teeth, hence, your tongue and gums made for the other teeth you shall after you complete one year of age.

I was not surprise when, one day of April 2009, Mum phones me. She very rarely uses the telephone, so I thought something must be going on and she is preparing me. I am not a wizard, though my daughters are witches, as you shall be once you grow up. This time was different: your mother said to me: I have a surprise for you...and I jumped straight away and said: you are pregnant, and the baby shall be a girl... Mother, my daughter was surprised and said how did you guess? I said: no idea, it is simply a matter of logic. If you have a couple as your parents are, who cannot be apart for more than one hour when are not travelling or visiting friends, they have all the time of the world to fabricate babies. And why are you so sure it is going to be a girl? Again, a matter of logic: When you have had a baby boy, the next has to be a girl. One you learn physiology as Abuelo has done to trace your ways at a distance, has that inspiration given by knowledge...

You are lovely, too large for your age, too heavy for Mum and for me, but not for Dad: broad shoulders, lots of developed muscles and who loves you as nightingale his companion, is his especial way to love, British, contended, not many kisses, but with the security of him feeling love for you...

I have the premonition that sooner than later, you will have a brother, not to substitute Ben, but a brother of its own right and you shall love him and will take care of him as I did with my only brother and sisters and three sisters.

You shall not see me very often, however I shall know of you asking Abuela or talking straight away to you...but, mind you, do not eat the phone when I talk to you. Sing to me as cousin Maira Rose does. Or play the piano as Tomas knows how.

Too many demands for a little girl, though you shall know all of this at the right age, when parents tell you whom and how I am. I shall live up to the day my grand children give grandsons! I swear in front of your divinity...

You are nice, sweet, red chicks, fair complexion, and blue eyes, brown to fairy hair and a big smile. You are the synthesis of Sue and Chris, Dad’s parents, and Gloria and me, Mum’s parents. You are a carrot, sweet and happy because your parents are sweet to each other and respect their individual freedom and travelling with friends, as they trust each other; there not exists not a little hair of jealousy, as you will be when you become an adult....

You are... my wholly trinity! As the van Emdens are to me.

You are my Carrot, who has eaten avocado pear for the first time in your life and enjoyed it: to eat that fruit, is the ritual to enter as an adult baby into the family.

With all my love and missing you always


(Raúl Iturra)

Parede, Portugal, 20th of October 2010

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